Thema: Help! I am looking for dedicated server

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Help! I am looking for dedicated server
17.02.2016 18:21

Hello, Im in need of a dedicated server with 2 x / 24s geo located in Germany. Probably you will ask yourself what Im doing with so many IPs. Im the owner of and Im offering private proxies & VPNs to my customers. The proxies are protected by an username and password, we keep logs and ban clients if they abusing the IPs in anyway ( Im not offering open proxies or something like that). The mailing ports are closed to avoid spamming. We dont tolerate any kind of abuses and take the necessary actions to ban/suspend users if such things occur : Our users usually buy proxies for posting on websites such as facebook, for web scrappers and tools like that. Please let me know if this is something you allow in your system and also if you are able to provide the requested services. Thank you in advance !


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